Ayala Bar Spring 2015 Preview

Ayala Bar Spring 2015 Preview

Summer is around the corner and Ayala Bar’s new lines will be available in the boutique soon.  We’ve just had the pleasure of a private sneak preview into what Ayala Bar Spring 2015 Collection is going to look like and we think you will love it as much as we do.  Her four new lines shine with a totally fresh and original look showcasing the intricate and complex compositions you’d expect from the artist.

This time around, Ayala’s diverse Hip Collection is an expansion into relatively new form, maked by artistic freedom, with its own distinctive individuality.  The jewelry is like no other, embedding specially designed hand-crafted fabric beads with glass, ceramic & metal finding.  It’s a line that’s characterized by a passionate expression, sophisticated as well as charming.

Hot Tamale Wrap Bracelet









Based on abundance of colour reflected through transparent crystal stones, the Radiance Collection may be regarded as a synthesis derived from the “Hip” & “Classic” lines.  It can also be seen as a fusion which fits with the inclination of current fashion, with a hint of glare.










With her new Classic Collection, Ayala has created a theme expressing her unique visions in 7 colour groups of magnificent jewelry.  The accent is on detailed craftsmanship, revealing collage like structures within a tapestry of fabulous colours.

Ayala Bar Blue Suede Earrings









The Indigo Collection differs from Ayala’s distrinctive approach, at least to some extent.  It is laden with inventive metal components, along with delicate fabric work.  The overall look and feel of this collection is of rare heirloom treasure.

Full Bloom Earrings









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