Biko at Bija

Biko at Bija

Biko’s at Bija, and we’re happy to have it.  Biko, is the latest addition of jewellery collections at Bija Bijoux and we absolutely LOVE it.  Designed and made in Toronto, Canada by Corrine Anestopoulos.

Corrine Anestopoulos’s jewelry is both delicate and tough, whimsical and edgy.  Cutting edge yet classic.  We love the way it updates your look immediately.  The Vega, pictured here in gold with “opal” is a three in one.  I popped it onto a customer’s neck recently, so that she could try it on and it was an immediate “wow, I’m buying it” moment.  Biko jewellery has that effect on women.

Vega Gold Opal

Corrinne is a woman with moxy.  At the tender age of 21, while still attending Ryerson, she made an entrepreneurial leap of faith and decided to start her own business.  Gutsy?  You bet, she didn’t even know at that point that designing jewellery was her calling.  She actually got into the jewellery designing business by happenstance after helping out some classmates as a model for their photo shoot.  Though she had no previous experience working with metals and jewellery components, she was no stranger to creativity.  Her first jewellery designs were friendship bracelets.

By the age of 23, Corrine was able to work full time on her business, Biko.  Her collection has matured and grown along with her but it has always maintained its theme of “Modern Nostalgia” as Corrinne calls it.  It incorporates playful treasures and sleek and modern materials.

Corinne has been creating her work in an attic turned art studio in Toronto.  Although quite happy to work alone, she now has a small assembly line within the rooftop space and requires the help of interns, who are more than pleased to learn from Corinne and help her create her stunning pieces of wearable art.

When she’s not busy creating enchanting things for you and I to dress-up in, you can find Corinne riding her bicycle down the back lanes of Toronto’s west side, brunching at Saving Grace or dancing until dawn at Unlovable.

We know you’ll fall in love with Biko just as we have.  Try some on.