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Chrysalis Charm Bangles

Chrysalis Charm Bangles Chrysalis Charm Bangles now available at Bija Bijoux.  Below is a little background on the collection: At the heart of Chrysalis is everyone’s favorite bracelet — the expandable bangle with its vast assortment of charms and stones which can be worn alone or stacked in an arm party full of hopes and […]

Deconstructed Pearl Necklace


Pearls Cultured Pearls Pearl jewellery is simple, classic and timeless.  Classic styles like a strand of pearls and pearl post earrings are everlasting symbols of elegance.  The variety of shapes and colours of pearls available in the Freshwater and South Sea varieties can be interpreted in both traditional and modern designs.  Pearl jewellery can make […]

Hummingbird Ring

Traditional Indigenous Art

Traditional Indigenous Art Haida Jewellery showcases Traditional Indigenous Art.  Here in Canada, we have a rich tradition of skilled artistry that has been passed down from generation to generation within Aboriginal communities.  The history of this tradition is exemplified in the work of Charles Edenshaw (1839-1920), who was a Haida artist from Haida Gwaii, British Colombia.  His […]

Small Dandelion Studs 10k Gold

Rebecka Froberg

Rebecka Froberg Rebecka Froberg is an artist we associate with uniquely beautiful designs inspired by the simplicity found in our natural surroundings.  Some of our favourites of her many collections, such as the Dandelion Collection and the Northern Stars Collection, incorporate sterling silver, 10 karat yellow gold, and oxidized sterling silver.  The result?  Stunning pieces of jewellery that truly enhance the beauty of the wearer in the most subtle of ways.  The high level of detail found in Froberg’s designs speak to the unmistakeable quality of her hand made jewellery.   Rebecka Froberg’s attention to detail and emphasis on minutely intricate features is what makes her work really shine. Working from her studio in Brooklyn, New York, every piece is made by hand by Rebecka herself.   This ensures a standard of quality in her production and we are impressed by the results of her perfectionism.  Whether it is crafted in solid gold or sterling silver or a little of each, each item is either cast or fabricated from sheets and wires of precious metals. Froberg is committed to environmental sustainability, which is why she uses recycled precious metals in all […]

Owl Talisman Necklace


Pyrrha History.  It teaches us; it transforms us.  When we hold ourselves up to the mirror of our past, we can find inspiration, solace, caution and healing.  And with the bold statement of a wax seal piece from Pyrrha, you can wear your passions proudly. Designers Wade Papin and Danielle Wilmore discovered a dusty old […]

Canadian North West Coast Jewellery

Canadian North West Coast Jewellery For 14 years now, Bija Bijoux has been carrying beautiful and immaculately-crafted hand carved sterling silver and gold jewellery  from Canada’s own North West Coast.  This long-standing relationship with Indigenous jewellery carvers has always been a source of pride at Bija, as we are proud to support the traditional artistry […]

Gold Bezel Carnelian

Spring Summer 2014 Jewellery Trends of Iconic Fashion Houses

Spring Summer 2014 Jewellery Trends Of Iconic Fashion Houses The runways and magazines are enchanted with some awe inspiring jewellery that embrace a plethora of looks that are full of contrasts.  We love the “no rules” rule.  We’ve noticed a continued, prominent use of pearls, statement collars,  matching bracelets on each wrist (the double cuffs), […]