Chrysalis Charm Bangles

Chrysalis Charm Bangles

Chrysalis Charm Bangles now available at Bija Bijoux.  Below is a little background on the collection:

At the heart of Chrysalis is everyone’s favorite bracelet — the expandable bangle with its vast assortment of charms and stones which can be worn alone or stacked in an arm party full of hopes and dreams. More than just decorative charms, each tag carries a special meaning to attract positivity and good energy. The bangle’s unique mechanism makes each piece adjustable for a perfect fit every time. All Chrysalis bangles are 14 karat gold-plated or rhodium-plated.

Iconic and symbolic, Chrysalis collections provide balance and focus, offering healing powers, bringing good luck and summoning up favorite memories. New for 2014 are the Talisman, Chakra, Oceana and Flourish collections. The Talisman Collection’s amulets offer protection, strength and happiness with symbols such as the hamsa hand, wheel of life, ankh, celtic cross, amongst others. In homage to the Eastern wellness belief that the body is made up of energy points, The Chakra Collection includes charms, alone or with beads, representing major chakra points in the body. Whether looking to fulfill one’s potential or help balance energy, there is a chakra charm to stimulate healing and achieve harmony. Inspired by the language of flowers, The Flourish Collection spans the calendar, offering a flower charm full of meaning for each month, from February’s protective violet to June’s true love rose. The Oceana Collection commemorates childhood memories and trips to the sea with its anchor, starfish, compass and other seaside charms. Chrysalis’ core Initial Collection celebrates individuality and personalizes one’s style.

Whatever one’s beliefs or traditions, everyone today craves more meaning in life. Adorned with talismans, lucky charms, and spiritual symbols, from evil eyes to St. Christopher medals, every piece of Chrysalis Jewelry is imbued with spirit and energy to bring love and light into life.”

Chrysalis Charm Bangles –  the newest addition to Bija Bijoux.