From Ho Ho Ho to Ho Hum

From Ho Ho Ho to Ho Hum

January can be so Ho Hum.  The shopping frenzy of the holiday season is over and you shopped until you dropped.  After all of the holiday hype we are left feeling exhausted and little deflated, possibly both in spirit and in pocketbook.  The heavily discounted retail stores are clearing out end of season merchandise to make room for the upcoming Spring/Summer Collections, meaning that the inventory we are seeing now, for the most part, looks like leftovers and misfits.  The January  heavy sighs are upon us.

Most of the people I chat with are feeling a twinge of these January Blues, myself included.  I don’t let it get the better of me.  In fact over the years I’ve come to welcome January as a time to reflect, recharge and make plans for the coming year.   I like to make plans that will require great clothing, funky stylish shoes and of course, drumroll here, JEWELRY!  Plan a trip, plan to attend a show at the theatre, plan a dinner party.  Here’s are some other ideas to inspire and motivate this month:

1.  Look Forward to New Collections

Get excited about new arrivals and new releases in fashion and jewelry.  Patience is a virtue.  If you can’t find anything you love!, adore!, must have! — WAIT.  Spring collections will be in full swing by the end of February, and chances are high you’ll be more inspired then.  Runway shows for Fall 2015 also begin in February and are a fab source of inspiration.  The new jewelry designs are just now being released and previews are available.  Spring/Summer 2015 Collections usually hit the showcases by the end of January.

2.  Get Social as Stylists

Make a pot of tea or coffee, invite a trusted friend over and turn on some music.  Spend a morning or afternoon creating all sorts of outfits by shopping your own closet (next week its at her house!).  Drape the necklace you plan to accessorize the outfit with over the hanger, hang the earrings on the necklace.  Remember to snap a quick photo of the top 7 outfits and keep them handy on your phone for quick reference for those rushed mornings when it seems like you have “nothing to wear”.  You do.

3.  Invest in new Basics

Basics, like classic sterling or gold hoops, small silver or gold post earrings and chains are not necessarily exciting to purchase but they form the foundation of a functional jewelry wardrobe.  On the clothing front, now is a good time to replenish your white & black t-shirts and tanks, tights, socks and leggings .  Like hoop earrings, these clothing items are the backbone of your wardrobe and you don’t need them to be up to the minute in style.

gold hoops

4.  Refresh & Regenerate

January is also a great time to assess your style and implement an update, or at least a refresher.  Think skin care, hair care and nail care.  January is the month to pre book your appointments for the year ahead – get your pick of the dates and times that work for your busy schedule.  Perhaps consider changing your hairstyle, or hair colour or try creating a more dramatic brow line by filling them in with eyebrow pencil where they’ve been overly tweezed.  Taking care of yourself with a little personal pampering feels great and lifts your spirits immeasurably.  You’ll leave your appointments feeling refreshed and regenerated.

5.  Get Organized

Organizing can be fun. For some, even more fun than shopping or wearing their wardrobe items.  Getting organized means doing a little introspection about your fashion and jewelry needs.  Be realistic about your lifestyle.  What do you actually do in a typical week?  Forget about what you wish you did :), for this task.  Likely you will need clothing and jewelry for work, a different style of clothing and jewelry for play and then of course there is evening wear for date nights and dinner parties.  Do some introspection about your style needs.  See what you have.  See what you need.  Set some flexible goals and a budget in order to achieve those goals.

6.  Play with Fashion

This is a fun way to get creative and try new things.  Try going a whole week without wearing black!  If you’ve always been a gold girl, try on some silver jewelry, or maybe bronze.  As long as you try to play with your image by wearing things you would not typically wear you’ll have accomplished the task.  Who knows, you just may stumble on a new favourite.  If you find yourself lacking ideas, turn to the internet or that fashion magazine while you wait in line at the grocery store checkout.  Play is good for you and makes getting dressed less of a chore, more of a pleasure.

7. Wear Your Own Style

The most fun part of style and fashion is re-creating outfits and wearing your existing wardrobe items in new ways.  No need to shop for more, and new, not in January anyway!  So enjoy your current wardrobe. Wear the heck out of your fabulous belongings and treasures and don’t go shopping unless something really tickles your fancy or unless you absolutely need something.

8.  Do What Brings Pleasure

At the end of the day, do what makes you happy.  If planning, organizing and refreshing seems too lofty a task, then skip it.  Go skiing or catch up on those novels you’ve been meaning to read instead.  Either way, the point is to remember that fashion and style are there for pleasure and fun, not to dictate to you how to look, dress and feel.  Fashion is just one source of enjoyment that is there for your taking, if you choose it.

** white t shirt photo is from Shopbop,  by Vince.
** gold hoops in photo are available on our website and in shop at Bija Bijoux.


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