Melanie Auld at Bija Bijoux

Melanie Auld at Bija Bijoux

Melanie Auld knows what it’s like to start over.  Her husband, Alex Auld, played professional hockey for more than a decade, and during that time he was traded an amazing  10 or so times in 10 years before hanging up his skates in 2013. Throughout that whirlwind tour, Melanie Auld was able to take comfort in one constant (aside from her family): her jewellery line, Melanie Auld Designs.  “When you’re being placed in a new city with new people and new surroundings, other than family, having something of your own really helps keep everything grounded and level, so for me, it was like a slice of home wherever we were”.  “And I don’t know—I always wanted success, too,” she continues. “I didn’t want to just watch Alex live his dream and not have anything for me. So I decided this was something I really wanted to work at.”

That being said, between her job as mom and the regular moves, she struggled to give her designing dreams 100 % of herself.  All of that changed when her husband Alex retired.  Since then, she’s renamed her label Melanie Auld Jewelry and dropped the price point considerably by switching from vermeil (gold over sterling silver) to gold-plated brass.  Consequently, she seems to have found a sweet spot in the accessories market between fast and luxury fashion.  In fact, sales have tripled and now it’s her husband’s turn to support her passion.

“He’s come onboard and taken over the business end of it,” Auld says. “It was getting a bit much for me to handle by myself, and I don’t love the business end of it anyway. So he kind of deals with most of that—the store orders, the customer orders, the accounting and whatnot.”

With Alex keeping the books in order, Melanie has had time to focus more on the creative aspect of her designs.  Her stunning Spring collection, for example, boasts beautiful, edgy pieces such as the Lariat Disc Necklace ($116).  Here we have a necklace that is as easy to wear as a simple gold chain, but that will add immediate style to help update wardrobe.

She’s also got some great staples for daywear like her Prong set Labradorite Posts ($63), also available in black onyx, which can be worn alone or worn with her Spike Backs ($45) to add some drama for an evening out.

Labradorite Prong Posts

Auld’s collection is carried in close to 100 stores in North America.  Bija Bijoux is one of those lucky boutiques. newjacket_edited-1_large