Diamond Ring – Round Brilliant


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Diamond Ring – Round Brilliant

Diamond Ring – Round Brilliant, featuring an approximately 4mm diameter, quality of G / VS  diamond in 18k textured yellow gold. Shank is approx. 2.2-2.3mm width at bottom and slightly tapered toward bezel.

Size 7.  This ring may be sized to fit a different ring size, at an additional cost.

What’s great about round brilliant diamond shapes

Round brilliant diamond shapes are the most popular of the diamond shapes for an engagement ring, and it holds this title because the round cut is designed to produce maximum brightness, fire and sparkle in a colorless diamond. The modern round brilliant cut diamond has a round girdle outline, 56 symmetrically placed triangular and kite-shaped facets, a table facet and an optional culet facet, for a total of 57 or 58 facets.



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