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Single Number Charms

Single Number Charms, made of solid sterling silver, hand stamped with a single number.  These charms measure approximately 1cm.  Also, there is a charming raised edge all the way around.  The back is not stamped.  The sterling silver has a slightly matte finish.

Each charm arrives with write up on specific number characteristics.

Please specify at checkout, if you would like a 16″ chain or 18″ chain and which letter you want.  Longer chain lengths are available.






As the first of all numbers, One takes a special place. One is reflects new beginnings, new directions and new ventures. One carries the energy of determination and striving forward. DIRECTION







Second of all numbers, Two represents balance, kindness, grace and harmony. Two is quietly considerate and seeks unity. Two beacons to choose and to do what is best for the soul. BALANCE







Both spiritual and intuitive, three reminds us of the link between mind, body and spirit. Three is dynamic and celebrates expression, versatility and the pure joy of creativity. Optimistic. CREATIVITY







Four is a nice square package representing the grounded nature of all things. Four seasons, four directions and four elements. Four calls to centre yourself and endure. Four is trustworthy and calm. TRUST







Five has wild vibrations and is an adventurer at heart. The most dynamic number, Five is energetic, outgoing and always in motion. Freedom, change and travel surround Five. ADVENTURE





Six is the giver of unconditional love. Six is connected to responsibility and awareness. A healer and protector, Six keeps everything together and safe. Loving and caring. PROTECT







The number of spiritual connection, Seven is the seeker, the thinker and searcher of truth. Seven’s conscious thought and awareness and takes nothing at face value. Mystical and wise. AWARENESS







The Karmic equalizer and the symbol of infinity, Eight is the “can do” of all the numbers. Eight is the number of strength, success and wealth and carries a beautiful balance of work and play. STRENGTH







Nine has a gentle caring voice and is the number of universal love. Those inspired by nine seek to make the world a better place for all to live in. Patient and compassionate. WORLDLY

** Please note, there will be a price discount of $15.00 on your second Single Number charm, when ordered together.  First necklace is $60, and each subsequent is $45.00.

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