Trend: Stacking Charm Bangles

Trend:  Stacking Charm Bangles

Stacking charm bangles is not a new concept, but witnessing companies like Chrysalis, now available at, and Alex and Ani soar while specializing exclusively in stacking charm bangles is something that has certainly caught our attention.  Could stacking charm bangles be the new trend?  We think so.

Fashion labels such as Michael Kors, Links of London and Pandora all have a selection of charm bangles within their broader collection of jewelry, but for companies like British-born Chrysalis, and American-born Alex & Ani, charm bangles are the exclusive focus of winning collections creating a specialized niche in the jewelry marketplace.  Margo Scott, owner of Bija Bijoux says “we love that customers can come in, choose from a broad assortment of colours and meaningful designs and leave with a heart felt gift of exceptional craftsmanship”.

Bija Bijoux chose the trailblazers of the expandable bangle concept, Chrysalis.  The UK brand is a Somerset-based fashion jewellery brand founded by husband-and-wife team David and Andrea Maine.  Chrysalis has gone from strength-to-strength in the past year and Bija Bijoux appreciates the exceptional high quality of their product together with their affordable price.

Bija Bijoux satisfied themselves with the quality of the line and decided it was a perfect new addition to its growing line of Canadian and International designers.  Championing the best of Brit brands overseas, Chrysalis has carved its path alongside charm bangle super brand Alex and Ani.  We are pleased to announce that the full line of Chrysalis now available in store and online at Bija Bijoux, and we have in store at this time the Good Fortune Collection, the Life Collection as well as the Guardian Collection.

Audrey Coudyser, the Chyrsalis creative director, explains the brand’s appeal: “We wanted to create a statement collectable range allowing customers to stack their bangles and create their own unique jewellery piece. Our bangles are design-led, capturing sentiment and meaning at the same time. By combining colour with meaning, memories, spiritual enlightenment, protection and luck, customers are able to create beautiful stacks that look amazing and also appeal to their sentimental side.”

With prices from $32 – $50, Chrysalis has created a high quality line of stackable charm bangles which appeals to fans of collectible jewelry.  Supported by a unique one-size-fits-all expandable design, the bangles are plated in 14ct yellow gold and rhodium and set with precious gemstones and crystals.  These bangles are easy to wear day in and day out and can withstand the rigors of same.  The meaning behind each bangle offers the wearer a mood and a feeling as well.  The gold plated bangles offer a soft matte finish and the rhodium silver, is high polish and will not tarnish.

Audrey Coudyser acknowledges their line is similar to Alex & Ani  “However our use of 14ct gold, rhodium plate and semi-precious stones is what makes our bangles special.  Our team of in-house designers work extremely hard to bring customers on-trend designs of the highest quality,” she adds.  We agree that the lines are very similar but the quality of the Chrysalis line is what appealed most to Bija Bijoux.  Another feature of the Chrysalis line that Bija Bijoux finds very appealing is the fit of the bangles.  Each bangle is expandable, so fit over the hand and then squeeze back to fit your wrist, but that is not all.  Within the Chrysalis line you can also choose between size Regular and size Small.  The regular size would fit the average woman’s wrist whereas the size small will fit a petite woman’s wrist perfectly while achieving the same aesthetic.

The stacking charm bangle trend appears to be here for some time.  For Alex and Ani, what started as a recycled brass charm bangle range developed into a fully-fledged lifestyle brand with its own vineyard and perfume lines!  The American brand was founded by Rhode Islander Carolyn Rafaelian, but only became a jewelry superpower when businessman Giovanni Feroce became CEO.   Mr. Feroce left the company in 2014 but he left behind a brand so well known it no longer requires product images of its product beside the company name in order to be recognized.  Impressive indeed.  In a similar way to Pandora, Alex & Ani has built its name as a purveyor of one key product, but now it is achieving success through diversifying its offer.  Carolyn Rafaelian, Founder,  says of Alex and Ani’s growing lifestyle range: “We just launched our Scent 7 beauty collection in March 2014. Our plan is to continue expanding our lifestyle brand and evolve both domestically and internationally. This year, we will be launching leather goods, purses, belts, expanding our beauty and candle collections as well as extending the Precious collection.”

Chrysalis appeals because they rapidly update their collections, providing more and more design options in their collectible bangles.   Chrysalis has launched its Oceania, Flourish, Talisman and Chakra collections, but its most successful collection continues to be the Good Fortune Collection.  Audrey Coudyser explains: “[Good Fortune] is a birthstone collection adorned with coloured Swarovski crystals. Each bangle also features a second tag with carefully chosen meanings that reflect the personal attributes of a person born to that month. Our latest Initials collection also featuring Swarovski crystals is fast becoming a new favourite.”

We hope you love this collectible collection as much as we do.



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