Medium Sterling Hand-Stamped Bar Necklace


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Medium Sterling Hand-Stamped Bar Necklace

This Medium Sterling Hand-Stamped Bar Necklace is stamped on all 4 sides. This item may also be customized using the words of your choice, at no additional cost.  Chain Length:16″ Bar Pendant Length:1″ Total Length:17″

Quotes Available In This Style:

Plunge boldly into the thick of life (#134), Dance as if no one is watching (#156), Leap and the net will appear (#177), Good friends see the world in the same way (#182), Happiness is a journey not a destination (#164), Nothing is impossible to a willing heart (#150),  Cherish that which is within you (#110),  Believe there are no limits but the sky (#171),  A sister by chance a friend by choice (#147), Life is about creating yourself (#172), Go confidently in the direction of your dreams (#151), Live as if this is all there is (#146), The will to do the soul to dare (#204), Great things are in my future (#210).

**please specify your choice of sayings/words in the comments box at checkout.



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