Margo Scott Design

Margo began her jewelry studies in 1994 at the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica.  Here she learned how to take her unique designs from concept to finished jewelry.  Her expertise is widely recognized over two decades of owning distinctive jewelry boutiques in Ottawa bringing to life thousands  of cherished custom jewelry pieces.

Margo travelled extensively across Asia to source jewelry, gemstones and inspiration for her designs and jewelry boutiques.  Skilled craftspeople in Bali and Thailand using ancient smithing techniques helped bring her ideas to fruition and inspired her life long passion for design and beauty.  Margo’s dedication to learning has never stopped whether formal training or experimenting with new tools and techniques.

Today Margo works out of her jewelry studio on the shores of the Ottawa River, creating beautiful, few of a kind designs for her own collection, working primarily in sterling silver and gold.  Margo Scott Design is ethically sourced and sustainably made jewelry, handcrafted here in Canada using ancient silver and goldsmithing techniques.

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