Bija Bijoux Essentials

Bija Bijoux Basics.  These jewellery pieces are imported from Bali & Thailand.  All of Bija Bijoux Basics are ethically sourced and manufactured.  These sterling silver jewellery items are hand crafted abroad and imported to Canada, either by myself directly or through business alliances I have worked with for decades.  The quality is guaranteed.

I’ve travelled to Bali and Thailand myself on many occasions and have seen these bench jewellers in action.  All of the jewellery makers are adults and their jobs are esteemed and respected.  They work in clean, safe environments.   The traditional jewellery making techniques they use, such as granulation and wire wrapping is brought to you at a price that is affordable.

For those of you who shopped at Bija Bijoux’s bricks and mortar location in Wellington West, these are the jewellery designs you loved to pop in and purchase for a cheerful little gift, as needed.

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