Margo Scott Design

Margo Scott is a Canadian jewellery designer and maker, currently based in Ottawa, Ontario.  She makes all of her own jewellery, by hand, in her studio.

Margo Scott learned the art of jewellery design many years ago through the Gemological Institute of America.  Her designs adorn the fingers, necks and ears of many women locally.

Margo Scott is a self taught jewellery maker, having learned this craft by watching Youtube videos, endlessly, and then later by taking a smithing and stone setting course at the Ottawa School of Art.

Margo Scott Design jewellery is made of sterling silver, 14Kgf and gold.  Gemstones, Recycled Glass and treasures found along the way often work their way into her unique, one of a kind jewellery designs.  She only uses ethically sourced raw materials in her designs.

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