Extra Large Willow Leaf Charm


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Extra Large Willow Leaf Charm

This Extra Large Willow Leaf Charm is a sleek, streamlined design by Hilary Druxman.  Total length of this pendant  is 3″.  This pendant looks great on a longer chain … something 24″ or longer is suggested.

Made in Canada

Read about the artist Hilary Druxman

hilary druxman jewelleryHilary Druxman Inc. is a Canadian jewellery  designer from Winnipeg Canada.   Hilary Druxman’s sterling silver jewellery is modern in design as well as approach.  The great looking jewellery is handcrafted offering you a unique piece of eye catching and fun affordable jewellery.  Her fine jewellery collection is a great mix of modern and fun looking  and most importantly well designed to be multi-occasional.  Hilary Druxman Inc. not only designs and makes fabulous jewellery, but is also a proud philanthropist and gives back to the community in the form of partnerships with many organizations.  For some fun jewellery customization options and questions, please contact us for ideas.  See Hilary Druxmans’s  full line of classic designed jewellery. 

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