Frog Spirit Bead


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Frog Spirit Bead

Frog Spirit Bead, featuring a sterling silver Frog representation, hand carved by Canadian West Coast Indigenous artists.  These solid barrel shaped beads can be worn on a long chain to form a charm cluster, worn singly on a shorter necklace or even added to your favourite bracelet.

Each charming spirit bead arrives on a 16″ sterling silver chain.

3/8″ of an inch wide with a 1/4″ diameter opening.


The Native Symbol the Frog symbolizes wealth and abundance.  The Frog traditionally represents success coupled with humility. It represents the bounty of both the world and the spirit but counsels the receiver of the Creator’s gifts not to swell up with pride, for then all treasures disappear.  The Frog spirit signifies modesty and virtue., proudly representing Canadian handcrafted jewellery for over 25 years!




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