Smoky Quartz Cluster Necklace


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Smoky Quartz Cluster Necklace

Smoky Quartz Cluster Necklace, with a cluster of natural Smoky Quartz at the bottom of a 14k vermeil chain.

Adjustable in length from 15″ – 16″ long.

Handmade in the USA for Bija Bijoux


Considered dark, mystical coloured gems, smoky quartz was once used for crystal balls. Smoky Quartz is a popular variety of quartz. A transparent or semi-transparent brown to grey to nearly black gem, it has an unusual colour for a gemstone and is easily recognized.  Smoky Quartz  is found abundantly in the Earth’s crust and is prized for adornment and spirituality. It is fast becoming a designer favourite for its earthy tone and tribal look.






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