Thunderbird Spirit Bead


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Thunderbird Spirit Bead

Thunderbird Spirit Bead, featuring a sterling silver Thunderbird representation, hand carved by Canadian West Coast Indigenous artists.  These solid barrel shaped beads can be worn on a long chain to form a charm cluster, worn singly on a shorter necklace or even added to your favourite bracelet.

Each charming spirit bead arrives on a 16″ sterling silver chain.

3/8″ of an inch wide with a 1/4″ diameter opening.


Living high in the mountains, the Thunderbird is the most powerful of all spirits.  Legend says that when the Thunderbird flaps its wings, thunder crashes and lightening flashes from its eyes.

On totem poles and in prints, Thunderbirds are shown with great outstretched wings.  In carvings, its distinguishing features are the curled appendages on the top of the head and the sharply recurved upper beak.

The Thunderbird symbolizes power, protection and strength.


Made in Canada, proudly representing Canadian handcrafted jewellery for over 25 years!





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